Angry Birds: Knock On Wood – The Latest Branch In This Popular Franchise

You would have to be living in a cave to NOT know about the Angry Birds concept. Originally developed for the Apple operating system, sales have reached the tens of millions. As Angry Birds increased in popularity, versions for other touch-screen smartphones quickly developed. There are a number of twists on the Angry Bird original concept available, and now you can have those cute birds and pigs in your home with Angry Birds: Knock On Wood.

Before introducing you to Angry Birds: Knock On Wood, a brief overview of the game is needed. The main plot puts these cute, yet angry birds, against pigs located in structures. Birds are vaulted toward buildings in an effort to destroy them as well as the pigs stationed within. Through strategic planning of angle and speed, and later in the game “special ops” birds and conveniently placed objects, their goal is retrieve eggs as the story goes. Kill the pigs and you advance through levels gradually increasing in difficulty.

The exciting new wing in the Angry Bird concept is a home version of the game released by Mattel, called Angry Birds: Knock On Wood. This games takes that virtual experience and turns it into something tangible, and extremely entertaining.

The main concept of the home version is the same as the original touch-screen smartphone application: shuttle birds at structures to kill the pigs. Game play involves on player designing structures based on the playing cards, or missions, included, while the other players take shots at knocking down the buildings and earning points. The first person to attain one thousand points is the winner.

Seems like a simple concept, but let it be known that there is skill involved. One of the big challenges is getting complete control over your birds and how and where they will land. The vaulting device that is included has quite a good kick to it and quickly you will see your birds flying much farther than you planned! For the little ones in your family, they will have fun just knocking down the structures.

What I love about Angry Birds: Knock On Wood, is that while just a game, there is learning involved too. Building structures requires balance and creativity, flinging birds through the air takes planning, control and a developing knowledge of trajectory, thrust and angle.

But forget about all the education your child is getting. This game will provide you and your family with hours of entertainment. The game is geared toward children five years old and up. However, my daughter and I both share equally in the entertainment value Angry Birds: Knock On Wood provides.

There has been buzz that this branch of the Angry Birds concept is going to be hot for the holiday season, and that like the furbees of past years, will quickly sell out.

Angry Birds Defining New Trends of the Gaming World

In the iPhone application development market millions of applications are made every day but there are only a few that enjoy as much success as the “Angry birds”. The entertaining game that has been consistently holding its position amongst the top sellers is about to reach a milestone of 100 million downloads. The game “Angry birds” has become a rage and for the creator things could not have been better.

While talking to the Game Developers Conference, the game creator Rovio chief executive Peter Vesterbacka said that when they had set the ambitious target of 100 million downloads a year back people believed them to be crazy but now the time has come when the Finnish studio is close to achieve the target.

Not only has the game been a top seller for iPhone but also for Android devices. It is a popular game played by many and has also appeared in an advertisement of a Super Bowl commercial.

Such is the popularity of the game that it is believed to have changed the gaming world. According to Vesterbaka mobile has become the center of gaming activity. Every day new games are being developed for mobiles. The gaming market is not where the new things are happening as smart phones have taken the center stage for game application development.

According to Vesterbacka, iPhone has changed everything for the gaming business. Mobile game applications are easier to purchase today. Updates and additions can be made easily that keeps the game interesting and fresh.

In the old times App Store had strict entry rules though the system still does not allow a lot of freedom for the developers but things have changed comparatively from what they were before. Rovio had been in business from 2003 developing applications for various platforms. By allowing quality apps to come forward Apple opened up new paths without which ‘ Angry Birds’ might not have made it and been such a success as it is today.

It seems that iPhone revolutionized the gaming world. The mobile platform is where the gaming trends are being defined. The applications for mobiles are cheaply made and sold and also easily available. The generation today wants easy entertainment and that is what the handheld devices offer them.

Most activity witnessed in the iPhone applications development area has to do with games. The success of Angry Birds bodes well for the emerging gaming developers meaning that paths are open for more gaming sensations.

New Mobile Game Amazing Alex From The Creators of Angry Birds

Rovio, the master minds behind the huge success game Angry Birds, announced that they are working on a new game “Amazing Alex” also a physics-based puzzler. Amazing Alex is based off the game Casey’s Contraptions which Rovio acquired from developers Snappy Touch and Mystery Coconut.

Casey’s Contraptions was one of the most impressive iOS games I’d ever seen. Sierra Entertainment’s Incredible Machine is what first jumps in mind when describing Casey’s Contraptions, but really, this game is more than that. On each level, Casey challenges the player to build a contraption to accomplish a simple goal, usually moving an object from one place to another. The levels involve everything from darts to mechanical punching gloves, RC cars, skateboards, magnets, balloons etc.

You are given an impressive amount of levels with hours of addicting game play. Nearly every level in Casey’s Contraptions can be solved in many different ways. There is no “right” way, although you’ll probably want to collect all the stars each time. If you get stumped on a level you can see your online friends’ solutions, including Casey’s three-star solution. This keeps things from becoming too frustrating. But you still will be trying out a lot of trial-and-error solutions. After that, you can also create your own levels and even share created levels and solutions with an amazing social backdrop.

The whole game is very impressive and now that Rovio has taken over the game you can expect an even better polished result. They already have removed the too cartoony protagonist Casey and replaced him with a more globally friendly name Amazing Alex. And Rovio will be sure to add their own charming addictive aesthetic making it more enjoyable nonetheless.

Rovio announced its new version Amazing Alex to be launched within the month. “The pressure quality is very high. We want to maintain high standards of Angry Birds that can be enjoyed by the fans,” said Rovio CEO Mikael Hed. The inventor of Angry Birds, the most downloaded mobile phone app. “This game is suitable for us with ease approach, fun and very addictive physics puzzle genre. We are currently reworking the title and preparing to reintroduce the game to the larger fan,” said Hed.

Rovio’s VP of franchise development Ville Heijari added that the “game play is a perfect fit in our arsenal with its approachable, fun and highly addictive take on the physics puzzler genre”. “We are currently getting ready to re-introduce it in a true ‘expect the unexpected’ Rovio style launch to an even larger audience.” “Working with Noel and Miguel (Snappy Touch and Mystery Coconut founders) has been fantastic, and this is a game that we all fell in love with from the first play.”

Buy the Ultimate Angry Birds Accessories for the Game Addicts

Whether you are a fan of the amazing game Angry Birds or not, lots of people around the world are playing this game. After the popular Angry Birds game attracts so many addicts, it’s not surprise that there’s a large range of Angry Birds accessories available on the market. Many of the game players are now becoming the collectors of all the Angry Birds gadgets. We have so much fun with these related gadgets. Buy some Angry Birds accessories for yourself that can memorize the funny gaming experience in our life. And also they are attractive gifts for friends and families of all ages.

The Angry Birds was developed by Rovio Mobile in December 2009 and has sold over 12 million copies. In this lovely game, the players use a slingshot to launch birds at the green pigs within different structures, after destroy all the pigs, you can get through the next level. Here are some of the coolest gadget collections I found on the web:

iPhone Cases

There are different types of iPhone cases that use the game character patterns: hard cases, feather bags and screen protectors. Available in the different colors of red, yellow, green, blue and black, the case can be an eye-catching accessory for your cell phone. It’s also important that these cases and bags can provide good protection for your cell phone at the same time.

Soft Plush Toys

Everyone would fall in love with those cuddly plush birds, not only the gamers. They can be kept as collection in home or sent to children as gifts. They are soft and hand-washable. Playing these plush toys in the real life can surely add entertainment during boring time. They are really great gifts for children and addicts.

Card Readers

Do you want to make your single-function micro SD card stand out? The special designed card reader with the images of the characters is what you need. It is not just a card reader; you can also hang it on your cell phone as a decoration that can actually enhance the appearance.

With 2011 Father’s Day approaching, don’t miss those perfect and interesting gadgets. Whether your dad is an Angry Birds fan or not, these could add enjoyment to his life, trust me! So which bird or pig character is your favorite? Or do you like all of them? It’s reported that most fans vote the red one. Why not go to pick one now?

Facts and Hints About The Game Angry Birds

Angry Birds has become a worldwide gaming mega hit but how did this game come into existence? Rovio is the name of the company that created angry birds, however, it’s not the first game they developed. Surprisingly they have been creating games for several years but had just never broken through into the mainstream the way they did with angry birds. The idea for the game came about in 2009 when the company was looking at different ideas for games which they thought could become popular. It was a simple idea spawned from some sketches of wingless and legless birds which were angry.

The sketches caught on among the staff who in turn created a unique design which became angry birds. The pigs were added into the game later in the development as an enemy. During this period of development swine flu was being heavily reported in the news which is where the idea for the pigs emerged.

The basis of the game is very simple and is not unique to angry birds but has been seen in many other games previously. It’s a simple physics/puzzle game. The player is given a slingshot and a finite supply of angry birds with differing characteristics. Some birds are faster than others while others can be split into multiple birds. You control the trajectory of the birds with the slingshot which launches them towards rickety structures containing your main enemy, the pigs. In order to advance to the next level you must eliminate all of the pigs before your birds run out.

Rovio has released several different versions of the game at this point. The original, Seasons, and Rio. Seasons is a collection of holiday themed versions of the game while Rio was a movie tie in for the movie Rio. All versions continue to be updated with new levels which are free to those who have previously purchased the game. In addition to these versions of the game there are some free versions of the game available to play. Google has a special chrome version which allows you to play some levels. A special ‘lite’ version of the game is available in your favorite app store as well.

Below are some tips for making the most of your angry bird gaming sessions.

Try to use as few birds as possible. Each unused bird will give you 10,000 points when you clear the level. Useful info if you love to get high scores.
Watch the trail your birds leave behind once launched. This makes it easier to adjust your next shot or to simply shoot in the same direction again.
Be sure to wait until your previous bird has disappeared completely before launching another.
Everything you destroy on the screen will give you points so try to kill the pigs while causing as much destruction as possible.
Remember that you can zoom in if you need a closer look.
If you are really stuck you can look up the angry birds walkthroughs online. Everything is easily found on YouTube or on one of the many fan sites.